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Tips Pricing

Note :- Weekly payment only one time for checking our service quality after that monthly service only enable for customer.


Stock Cash Tips

Stock Intraday Cash Tips
One Day 1000 1200Pay Now
One Week 1600 1800Pay Now
Two Weeks 3600 4600Pay Now
One Month 7200 8200Pay Now
Stock Premium Cash Tips
One Day 1200 1600Pay Now
One Week 2100 2325Pay Now
Two Weeks 4150 4650Pay Now
One Month 8300 9300Pay Now

Stock Future Tips

Stock Intraday Future Tips
One Day 1200 1400Pay Now
One Week 2375 2500Pay Now
Two Weeks 4750 5000Pay Now
One Month 9500 10000Pay Now
Stock Premium Future
One Day 1500 2200Pay Now
One Week 3750 4400Pay Now
Two Weeks 7500 8800Pay Now
One Month 15000 17600Pay Now
Stock Positional Future Tips
One Day 0 0Pay Now
One Week 3250 3500Pay Now
Two Weeks 6500 7000Pay Now
One Month 13000 14000Pay Now

Stock Option Tips

Stock Premium Option Tips
One Day 1500 1800Pay Now
One Week 2350 2850Pay Now
Two Weeks 4700 5700Pay Now
One Month 9400 11400Pay Now
Stock Intraday Option Tips
One Day 1000 1200Pay Now
One Week 2100 2575Pay Now
Two Weeks 4150 5150Pay Now
One Month 8300 10300Pay Now

Stock Nifty Future Tips

Stock Nifty Future Tips
One Day 800 1000Pay Now
One Week 2000 2200Pay Now
Two Weeks 4000 4400Pay Now
One Month 8000 9000Pay Now
Stock Nifty Option Tips
One Day 700 900Pay Now
One Week 1750 1900Pay Now
Two Weeks 3500 4000Pay Now
One Month 7000 8000Pay Now

Jackpot Tips

Premium Jackpot Tips
One Day 1600 2000Pay Now
One Week 4000 4400Pay Now
Two Weeks 8000 9000Pay Now
One Month 16000 17000Pay Now
Intraday Jackpot Tips
One Day 1200 1400Pay Now
One Week 3250 3500Pay Now
Two Weeks 6500 7100Pay Now
One Month 13000 14000Pay Now
Positional Jackpot Tips
One Day 0 0Pay Now
One Week 3500 3200Pay Now
Two Weeks 7000 6400Pay Now
One Month 14000 13000Pay Now

Multibagger Future Tips

Multibagger Future Tips
One Day 0 0Pay Now
One Week 3000 3200Pay Now
Two Weeks 6000 6400Pay Now
One Month 12000 13000Pay Now

Money Stock Tips

Money Stock Tips
One Day 2000 2500Pay Now
One Week 4250 4500Pay Now
Two Weeks 8500 9000Pay Now
One Month 17000 18000Pay Now

Fortune Stock Tips

One Day 1800 2000Pay Now
One Week 3550 4050Pay Now
Two Weeks 7100 7600Pay Now
One Month 14200 15200Pay Now